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Tang Dynasty “Earth Spirits”

Pair of Chinese magnificent Tang Dynasty painted pottery figures of “Earth Spirits” (zhenmushou), one is with a leonine face, knobbed horn and a fan-shaped ears, the body decorated in pale-green, orange, white and black pigment, the broad chest and belly in orange-red with swirls rising from the legs, with cloven hoofs firmly planted on plinth, curled tail, other figure with humanoid face, extended foliate ears, with paled green flames on the body, bird-like clawed feet. Ferocious figures such as these were placed in pairs in the tombs of members of the Tang dynasty elite. The results of Oxford Authentication Ltd. Thermoluminescence test no. C207e48 is consistent with the dating of this pair.

Age: Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Size: 18 ˝” high
Item No: 876