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Bactrian Camels & Riders

Pair of Chinese Tang Dynasty painted magnificent pottery models of Bactrian camels with Foreign Riders, are possibly Sogdian grooms. They are dressed in the characteristic full length Central Asian jackets, with wide lapels and long boots, bearded faces with large eyes and bushy brows, a large beaked nose and thick curling moustaches, astride large detachable saddle bags. The camels are superbly modeled as if striding, with beautifully sculpted heads and braying mouths, agape to reveal realistically rendered teeth, palate and tongues, with wide eyes and flaring nostrils, the upturned neck with bushy mane, the strong slender legs with well delineated tendons and padded feet, the dark grey earthenware body with traces of remaining white slip. The traders along the Silk Road route, used camels as a means of transportation, as they were able to carry heavy loads and survive the rigors of thirst, heat and cold. Thermoluminescence Test Certificate: No. 1336UA68 & No. 5581UA53 are consistent with the dating of this pair.

Age: Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD)
Size: 34 high
Item No: 1000